About Us. Our Core Values. Our Beliefs.

McNeice Outfitting Ltd is an owned and operated by Vern and Lana McNeice, and their two sons, Callum and Connor. When presented with an opportunity to get into the in industry, Vern jumped at the chance, as it was a means to engage into an activity and lifestyle, with which he grew up with, and truly cherishes. The boys spent time on the ranch from a very young age, and share the same appreciation for outdoor beauty, and the animals within it. Family is priority one in the McNeice household, and time in the field, together, is tremendously valued.

McNeice Outfitting - Elk Hunts
McNeice Outfitting - Deer Hunts
McNeice Outfitting - Elk Hunts
McNeice Outfitting - Deer Hunts

Vern is a career fireman who specialized in dive rescue for many years of his career.   When not putting out fires, or searching for things under water, Vern was either outside guiding or hunting, or coaching athletes to a national and international level in the sport of wrestling.  Both Callum and Connor are national wrestling champions who have represented Canada many times on the international front.  Lana is a career schoolteacher whose passion for her students has helped many a child.  Somewhere along the line, Vern and Lana also spent 20 years building a successful maintenance company, which had 140 employees the year prior to when it was sold.  With that sale, and retirement from the fire department looming, Vern sought new challenges, that being the operation of one of Canada’s finest hunting outfits!

Having worked as a guide for twenty years, for one of Alberta’s founding outfitters, Rick Guinn, Vern learned what was required to run a successful hunting operation in a ranching environment.  Rick’s knowledge and status is legendary within the industry, and when he transferred the ranching operation to Vern, he left large footprints to fill.  Rick continues to offer world class hunts in other areas.

Four Key Elements


An abundance of high quality game animals.


The acquisition and retention of top quality guides.


Create a postive culture centered on customer service.


Build a strong relationship with landowners.

It became evident to Vern that four key elements were required to maintain a successful outfitting business.  The first being an abundance of high quality game animals, which the ranch has always enjoyed the benefit of having.  This was the easiest element to acquire as the game animals where already on site!

The second was the acquisition and retention of top quality guides.  These were individuals who were of strong character, holding impeccable moral fiber, with the experience and sense to harvest animals with their clients regularly.  Individuals who were capable of dealing with grizzly bears on a kill, while also gingerly and patiently helping clients in their 80’s set up for that once in a lifetime shot!  When Vern made the decision to get into the business, his close friends, and senior guides, Jay Fuller, and Don Younker, were consulted to ensure their participation in the project.  Their knowledge combined with Vern’s, in the field left the three senior members of the team with over 60 years of valuable hunting experience on the ranch on which we hunt!  All of the guides currently engaged with McNeice Outfitting Ltd, have a minimum of 20 years of hard core hunting experience in Alberta!

The third element required, was to produce a culture within camp, which fostered a strong positive environment centered on customer service.  This portion starts when the first call is received from a respective hunter, to when a farewell wave is given at the airport.  Honesty, humility, dedication and attention to details, along with the strong desire to share camaraderie with many amazing folks, formed the core of what is valued most at camp.

Lastly, a strong relationship with landowners was paramount to ensure quality long-term sustainability, in an area where ranching and farming operations have created the ideal habitat for the animals, which we hunt.  Vern immediately cemented existing relationships and reached out to additional sources to secure some of the very best lands in Alberta from which to hunt.   Spectacular scenery full of game provides the backdrop for one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

Facta non verba.  Deeds not words.  Our actions speak for themselves.  Hundreds of satisfied hunters have left the ranch gate following a memorable hunt.  The strongest testimony is from some of the hunters who did not harvest an animal.  Many immediately rebook for another hunt before they have even left camp.  McNeice Outfitting Ltd is 100% committed to providing every client with an amazing hunting trip, which provides favorable memories down the road!